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Types of Swimming Pool Filters

The three most common types of swimming pool filters are Cartridge, Sand and  Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE filters).

These are the common types of filters that are used for residential pools. Information is available below on the three primary types of swimming pool filters.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Pool Filters use paper to filter the water of the pool. Cartridge filters are easy to maintain and can be cleaned by removing the filter medium and spraying the plates. If the cartridge filter is cared for and if properly maintained with a strict maintenance routine it could last for three to five years. Replacement filter cartridge prices can range from moderate to expensive, but are probably the most practical choice for residential swimming pools.

Sand Filters

Sand Filter

Sand Pool Filters are the most commonly used. They work by filtering the water though silica sand to filter out dirt and debris from the swimming pool water. Sand pool filters are considered to be the least efficient at cleaning the water and require more maintenance than the cartridge filters. The sand only needs to be replaced every two to six years depending on the size and volume of the pool. A specific maintenance routine is to backwash water from the pool to flush out dirty water and to clear the sand in the filter.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE Filters)

Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filters are also known as DE Filters. This type of filter uses diatomaceous earth which is purchase in a powder form. The diatomaceous earth powder is a pre-mixed compound and should be used by mixing it with water and slowly adding the mixture into the pool. Many DE filter owners add the mixture to the pool by pouring it through the skimmer. Make sure the filter is on so the mixture is circulate around the entire pool so it will stick to the filter grids inside the filter. The grids act as the filter medium and this will be the basis of the filter. This type of pool filter method is actually using biological filtration to clean the pools water. DE filter grids can be cleaned by soaking them in water and rubbing them down with a cloth. DE Filters are an efficient and quite natural method of filtering the pools water.


The type of pool filtration system that you require will depend on the type of pool and the size of your pool. Other matters that could influence your filter choice will be the pool location and the amount of dirt that actually falls into the pool. Remember that the pool filter will require maintenance to ensure it operates and performs at optimal level. If you area buying a new pool then I would recommend purchasing a cartridge filter or a sand filter, it depends on what you prefer and your needs as a pool owner.

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