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Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance

The swimming pool pump is the heart of the pool as it has a very important role to play in the functioning of the pool.

There are a number of different types of pool filters, but they all require maintenance and care. Examples of the care needed would be to do a backwash and clean out the filter medium. Sand filters use rough sand as their filter medium while Cartridge filters use cartridge plates that catch the debris and this encourages biological filtration. Biological filtration is when bacteria and other substances grow on a certain medium - in this case the filter plates and filtration is started. As the water flows over the plates, the algae and water contaminates will be caught in the plates and this will provide food to the bacteria that actually consumes the debris. Biological filtration is a natural method of cleaning water and removing algae and other unwanted substances.

When shopping for a new swimming pool pump you need to take a few specifications into consideration such as the fact that the pump should be able to pump the entire volume of water in the pool every 7 to 8 hours. This is very important because you would want all of the water to be cleaned and treated. Different types of pools and the volume of the pool will influence type of swimming pool filter system. Swimming pool pumps can cost a lot of money and after paying a lot of money, the pool owner would expect the pump too last a long time. This is true, but for the pump to have a long, productive life time it requires maintenance and upkeep. Examples of the tasks required would be lubricating the insides of the pump, repairing valves etc. Most pool pumps come with a warranty and others come with a maintenance routine that should be followed. If you care and follow the required maintenance tasks, then your pool pump will perform at it's optimal level. 

In order to determine the right pool pump for your needs you will have to know the performance of the pool pumps on offer. Pool pump performance is measured in the volume of water pumped in gallons per minute (Gallons Per Minute - GPM). Your local pool store will be able to assist you in making the right decision as to which pool pump will suit your needs.

The following video will explain Swimming Pool Pump Maintenance:

Maintaining your swimming pool pump does not need to be a problem in your life, just as long as the time and tasks required are followed properly, it will pay off.

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