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Swimming Pool Maintenance Routine

We all have routines that we follow such as wake up, shower, have breakfast and then go to work. Pool maintenance is no different, a pool owner will need a maintenance routine to ensure that the pool is kept in the best shape possible. A routine will ensure that you do what is required and that will result in you having a very clean, low maintenance pool. 

Running the filtration system is very important and it should be done daily. In today’s day and age pool owners can install a timer that will run the pool system for a number of hours during a preselected time. Depending on a number of factors such as weather, heat etc you might have to add chemicals. You can determine whether the pool requires chemicals to be added by performing a water test.

In order for you to actually follow the routine and not neglect the pool it is recommended that you set two days for the maintenance. A good example would be every Tuesday and Saturday. You will have to pick two days that you will have time to perform the pool maintenance. The pool filter system needs to be run at least 8 to 12 hours every day to ensure that all of the water in the pool is treated.

It is recommended to shock the pool once a week to ensure clean, clear water. This is a easy process that is done by dissolving a chemical called pool shock in a bucket. Pool shock should be available from most local pool shops. The bucket must be mixed and then poured in front of the water jets so that the chemical will be circulated around the entire pool.

About twice a week the pool owner will need to test the water by performing a pH test and water test. The water test will involve testing the pH levels, chlorine levels and the alkalinity of the water. Reasonable limits for the ph would be 7.2 – 7.6 and the alkalinity should be kept constant between 80 – 120 ppm (Parts per million). It is recommend that you purchase yourself a good quality pool test kit that comes with adjustment fluids that can be used to stabilize the water.

The chlorine level will also need to be maintained, recommended limits are 1.0 – 3.0 ppm. Chlorine can be added on a regular basis by hand or chlorine tablets can be added to the pool. Another handy method will be to add a floating chlorine dispenser that will gradually release the chlorine into the water.

Pool Care Brush and Net
To sweep and remove leaves you will need a brush and net adjustment.

The skinner basket and pump should be cleaned and collected leaves and sticks need to be removed. This type of maintenance should also be done on a weekly basis to ensure the pump and skimmer works at optimal levels. This maintenance will also help you save electricity as your equipment won’t have to work as hard with debris in the way. If you find that the baskets are full each time, then check and clear them more regularly. 

This simple and very easy pool maintenance routine will ensure that your pool looks its best. This routine will be different depending on the weather and size of your pool. Bad weather and rain might call for an increase in the chemicals. A good motto to follow is that maintenance is better and normally easier and cheaper than repairs.

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