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Preparing your Pool for Winter

During winter your pool will not be used, but this does not means that you can simply cover the pool and not worry about it anymore. Proper preparation needs to be done to ensure that the pool does not go green, grow algae etc. The following information is the proper way to prepare your pool for winter:

1.) A large amount of chemicals will need to be added to keep the water clear during winter. Firstly add a large amount of chlorine, depending on the size of your pool. Then run the filter for 8 to 10 hours to ensure the chemicals have circulated all over the pool. Purchase a winter kit from a local pool shop and add this to the pool water before covering the pool.

2.) The filter will need to be thoroughly backwashed to clear any debris from the pipes. Make sure the pipes are clear from any leaves or sticks. Next remove any plugs from the filter and the pump. If you have a chlorinator then removed the lid and unplug the unit. Empty the filter hoses and remove them from the pool.
3.) If you have a heater make sure it is turned off and the plug is removed.

4.) Clear out the pool skimmer and make sure that no water can enter the skimmer. You can block the inlet and the outlet so that water does not enter it.

5.) During winter a pool cover is essential as it plays a vital role in keeping the pool clean and clear. Make sure that you leave enough slack when tightening the cover. Rain, snow and water will settle on the cover and if the cover is too tight it will break.

6.) During the winter take the time to inspect the pool area to make sure that everything is alright. Remove snow or rain that has accumulated on the pool cover.

7.) While the pool is covered it should not be disturbed.
8.) Never cover the pool system or filter with a plastic cover as this will cause moisture to build up on the system. Moisture can cause rusting and corrosion of the pool system.

The video below will explain the process of winterizing your pool:

If you follow these easy steps you should have a well prepared pool that will be ready for the winter months.

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