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Pool Safety

Pool safety should be regarded as a high priority by any pool owner. Pools can be dangerous especially to young children and pets. 

There is a number of precautions and measures that you can put in place to make your pool and the area around your pool is a safer place.

The following suggestions will assist you in making your pool area a safer place.
  • Fence off the pool are with a strong, quality approved fence that has a child proof lock that locks automatically.
  • Alcohol and water do not mix. Never consume excessive amounts of alcohol while in the pool area or swimming.
  • Keep pool maintenance equipment close to the pool such as a long pole. The pole can come in handy when helping a person who cannot swim to get out of the pool.
  • Always put the pool cover or the net over the pool when not in use. The two minutes to cover the pool might result in saving a child or pets life.
  • Do not allow glass to be used in or around the pool. Trying to remove broken glass from a pool is almost impossible.
Pool Safety Fence
A pool fence will stop small children from entering the pool area without supervision.
  • Never swim during a storm when there is lightning.
  • Always ensure that there is an adult supervising children swimming.
  • Try to keep an object that can be used as a floatation device to throw and assist a struggling swimmer.
  • Do not allow swimming after eating, it is better to let the food settle by waiting 30 minutes.
  • Do not allow children to play running games around the pool as the surface might be slippery and they can fall and hurt themselves.
  • Keep the pool area clear and do not have the pathway cluttered as a person might trip and fall into the water.
  • Always close and lock the gate, even if you are just leaving the pool area for a moment.
These simple, yet effective guidelines can result in a safe pool area for the whole family and piece of mind for any pool owner.

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