Pool Care and Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance Equipment

Professionals require certain tools to do their profession and pool maintenance is no different. To clean and maintain your pool you will need certain equipment. 

Having an automatic cleaner in your swimming pool is very important as it will make keeping your pool in pristine condition an easy task. Pool cleaners work by collecting leaves and other debris that accumulates on the bottom of the pool. This will in turn reduce the amount of time spent by the pool owner on pool maintenance each week.


Swimming Pool Skimmer

A skimmer works by collecting leaves and other rubbish from the surface of the water. The debris that accumulates on the surface area is sucked in by the skimmer. Pool skimmers come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all work on the same principle which is to collect rubbish from the waters surface. The rubbish is then kept in a net or basket and the cleaning out of the basket should be added to your pool maintenance routine.


Pool filters recycle the water in the pool and clean the water by adding chemicals and treating the water. There are a number of types of swimming pool filters. You as the pool owner will have to determine what type of filter will be the best option for your needs. Filter maintenance involves cleaning the cartridges or removing collected debris. Do not neglect filter maintenance as this could cause the filter to overheat and burn out which could cost a small fortune to repair.


When working on the pools pump you must turn the pool pump off before operating the multi-port valve. If your pool pump starts running while making loud or making unusual noises, shut it off and contact a pool professional. If your pump motor makes a humming noise and it will not start, then turn off the power and check to see if the propeller is clogged with debris. Checking and emptying the skimmer and pump basket should be a part of your pool maintenance routine.

Pool Lights:

Having a beautiful white or blue light in your pool can add effect to the pool. The pool light will look amazing during the night if you are outside or if you are having a quick night dip. The type of light suitable for your needs would depend on your personal tastes and the type of swimming pool. Pool lights do not require a lot of maintenance, only when the bulb needs to be changed. If the bulb needs to be changed make sure that you seal the light compartment properly after replacing the globe.

Rubber valves, Gaskets:

If your pool has a deck-mounted junction box then you will need to check the condition of the gaskets regularly. Replace gaskets as they wear out and make sure that water cannot enter the box.  When you are preparing your pool for winter it is recommended that you coat all the o-rings, rubber fittings, and gaskets with a silicone lube to keep them from drying out.

This is the main equipment used for pool maintenance, but don’t forget about the rest of the pool.

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