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Pool Heater Maintenance Tips 

Owning a pool that is heated can be great, swimming in the heated water is a wonderful way of refreshing yourself after a long day at work. To ensure that your pool heater works at its optimal level, you will have to maintain it with a few simple steps. Proper pool heater maintenance is essential as it will ensure that the heater runs properly and that you get your value for money on the heaters lifespan.

The most commonly used type of pool heater is the gas heaters. When maintaining the gas heaters make sure that no leaves or spider webs are near the burner. You need to ensure that there is always a continuous supply of gas to the heater. About once a week take the time to inspect and make sure that all components of the heater are operating. This type of inspection should be added to your maintenance routine.

It will be better to find problems such as leakages or damaged seals before they are needed to be replaced. This will give the pool owner time to order the parts and install them in his time compared to rushing to install new parts in an emergency. If there are leakages it is recommended that you call a qualified plumber to repair the pipes because working with gas and pipes can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

Another popular type of pool heating system is electrical heaters. The popularity of electrical heaters is quickly increasing and electrical heaters are set to replace gas heaters in the near future. If you are thinking of installing a pool heating system or if you want to upgrade, it is recommended to install an electrical hating system compared to a gas heating system. Electrical heaters use heating elements to heat the water.

An important part of electrical heaters maintenance is to clean the elements with a wire tooth brush. A coating will develop on the heating element if it is not cleaned and this can result is poor heating performance. Sometimes elements will be used beyond repair and so they will have to be replaced. Take the old element with you when you go shopping for a new one so that the hardware can match your element type.

Pool Heater Covered
Having a secure, durable cover on your pool heater will protect the heater and the components inside.

To change an element safely, firstly switch off the power supply then open the drain pipe and empty all the water inside of it. Replace or repair the element and then test the element. Make sure you change the element before swimming in the pool as the heater might send some current into the pool.

To enhance the performance and lifespan of your heater you might want to consider using a time setting device. These devices will active your heater at a desired time which will mean that your heater will not be running all the time. It will only heat the water as much as you need which will reduce wastage and deduce the amount of electricity used by the heater.

Remember if your heater is giving problems and you are not 100% sure how to fix the problem then it would be better and safer to call a professional.

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