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Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are an essential part of the tools available to pool owners. Basically there are three main types of pool chemicals that are used in pool maintenance.

There are different brands and forms of the chemicals, but they all should complete the task required. You should never mix pool chemicals and add them to the pool at the same time.

If you normally add chemicals together at the same time you could be defeating the object.

Some chemicals will have agents in them that will deactivate certain other agents. In terms of pool safety, always wash your hands after handling chemicals and never handle harmful substances with bare hands.

Most pools or spas require three types of chemicals to keep the water sparkling clean and clear. The three types are chlorine tablets and powder, alkaline powder and acid on certain occasions.

1. Chlorine tablets are one of the easiest and most convenient chemicals to add into your pool. They come is various forms such as floaters and the traditional tablet shape. A good tip is to add a chlorine tablet into your skinner occasionally. The flow of the water from the skimmer will circulate the chlorine from the tablet around the entire pool. Adding chlorine tablets to your swimming pool should be added to your pool maintenance routine to ensure that you don’t forget.

2. Alkaline powder is the next pool chemical that plays an important role in pool care. Chlorine will kill germs, but chlorine acts in a negative way by releasing the level of acid in the pools water. A certain amount of acid is required, but this type of acid can cause corrosion to the pool filter system and turn the water a murky, green color.

On the other hand too much alkaline powder will cause the water to turn a white cloudy, murky color. It is up to you as the pool owner to find the right balance between chlorine and alkaline powder.

3. Acid can be useful, but only when used in the right situations. After thunder storms it is a good idea to add some acid as the rain water will sometimes cause the water of your pool turn green. Acid should not be added on a regular basis, but rather only when needed such as when the pool is green or turning green.

Pool chemicals are an essential part of pool maintenance, but they need to be used wisely and sparingly as the costs can be high if not controlled.

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