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Pool Capacity

Pool owners need to be aware of their pools capacity as the information will be used  such as when purchasing equipment and chemicals. The holding capacity of aboveground pools or already made fiber glass pools is normally given by the manufacturer. It is vital that any pool owner knows the capacity of the pool.

How Can Pool Capacity be Caculated?

The most accurate and easiest way to calculate pool capacity is to use a pool capacity calculator that is available online. The online calculators will require the lengths of the pool and you will be able to select your pools shape. Make sure you use the right shape as this will make a difference in the final capacity of the pool.

The capacity of the pool will normally be calculated into gallons by this can easily be converted. If your pools shape is varied then it is recommended that you use the free form pool shape option. This option will determine your pools capacity by first calculating the pools surface area and then use the surface area to determine the pools capacity.

The following video will show you how to determine the volume of your pool:

Another option would be to use an online pool volume calculator. The type of calculator that you are going to use would depend on the shape of your pool.
The shapes of pools that are available from the calculator recommended below are: Rectangular Pools, Circular Pools, Oval Pools and Free-Form Pools.
The reason why there are different calculators is for the different shapes of pool is because a different formula would be used depending on the shape of the pool.

The pool capacity calculator that I recommend is: pool calculator tool.
It is very simple to fill in and it gives the capacity of your pool instantly.

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