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How to Install a New Liner - Above ground Pools

Above ground pools can make wonderfuls additional to any home and one main advantage is that is does not have to be permanent. The pool can be set up and used during the summer months and them during the winter months it can be dismantled and packed away, leave you a whole open garden area.

Whether you need to install a pool liner because your current one has torn or you are setting up the pool for the first time, this practical article will guide you on how to install a swimming pool liner for a above ground pool.

There are a number of reasons why the liner would need replacing such as tear and tear, leakages from chemical damage ect. Firstly the pool will have to be drained, this can be done by hiring a pump and using a hose. Start the pump and put the hose into the local storm drain to get rid of the water without making a mess. When the water has been completely drained then the next step will be to disassemble the rim of the pool as this holds the liner in place. After the rim has been released you will be able to strip the liner off and discard of it properly. You should take this opportunity while the rim is off to inspect the structure of the pool to make sure that all the holdings are tight and in place. If you are going to order a new liner then you will have to take measurements of the pool. It would be easier to take measurements of the old liner instead of the pool structure.

When you are ready to install the liner open it from the box and start placing the liner around the pool. As a guideline put the seams where the walls and floors meet this will help you align the liner as you open it. Once the liner is completely spread out it will be time to start filling the pool. Do not worry if the liner is crinkled, it will straighten when the pressure of the water is on the liner.

Above Ground Swimming Pool
A wonderful example of a well maintained Above Ground Pool

Now it is time to start filling the pool, this is done by pulling the liner over the pool walls until only a small area in the middle of the liner is touching the ground. Let the sides of the wall hang over for now as these will be tightened later using the mass of the water. To keep the liner tight you must replace the rim of the pool wall but do not tighten it. This will keep the liner in place during filling and prevent the liner from moving or tipping over. When the rim has been tightened and the walls temporarily secure, it will be time to start adding the water. When the water has reached a certain level you will have to accommodate the water by moving the rim higher and tighten it.

This should be done evenly to ensure the pool rim remains at a constant height. Continue until the water is at the desired level and then place and tighten the rim for the final time. Once the water is high enough, walk around the liner and make sure it is secure and in place. Before activating the pump, make sure there is water in it or the pump will work and burn out. 

Then sit back, relax and be proud of yourself. You would have just installed your new swimming pool liner.

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