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Inspecting a Pool Before Buying a New House

Before purchasing a new house you would want to see it, well the same should apply to the pool. If there are any problems with the pool and if the problems are not addressed you might be stuck with a very big, expensive problem once you have purchased the house.

To ensure that this does not happen to you, here is a list of actions that you should take to inspect the pool of a house:

1.) Is the filter running and operational?

2.) If the pool is fiberglass then inspect the sides and look for bulging or cracks.

3.) Is there a skimmer and are there any cracks on the skimmer or wall.

4.) Is the pool light and filtration system working?

5.) If heated, does the heater work and is the heater maintained properly?

6.) Is the pool level, are there any signs of leakages?

7.) Is there a pool cover and is it torn or broken?

8.) Does the pool have a timer system?

9.) Look for patches or repairs to the fiberglass?

10.) Walk around the pool and inspect the edges for damages.

11.) Is the pool cracked?

12.) Is there a pool cover?

Always remember to take photos of fixtures and items that are part of the pool. In some countries it is illegal to remove fixtures and so photographic evidence is vital if you have to fight in court. Check with local estate agents on your estate laws regarding fixtures.

Green, Dirty water
A pool that has been neglected or not maintained properly will soon turn green.

Inspecting a pool before purchasing a house can save you a lot of trouble and headaches if there are problems with the pool.

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