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Detect leaks in a Swimming Pools

Leaks in a swimming pool can be a result from a number of factors and if the leaks are not fixed, it can lead to large amounts of water being lost not to mention become worse and therefore cost more to fix.

When detecting a leak, there are a number of aspects of the pool that need to be investigated to try and find the source of the water loss. Firstly inspect the filter, look for water spurting out of the joins.

Do not leave any part with out inspecting it; inspect the pump housing, valves and the heater (if you have one). Look for damp patches or wet areas. If the leak is small and if it has been active for a while then algae or moss will be visible.

Secondly you will want to find out how much water is actually being lost. This can be achieved by marking the water level and then check it everyday. The water should not go below the marked level. Another method that is commonly used is the bucket test method. (see video below).

The bucket test method is done by taking a bucket and filling it with water.  Then place the bucket on the first step of the pool and mark the level of the water inside as well as outside. The level of the water inside the bucket needs to match the water level of the step. Monitor the water levels by checking daily and a change may indicate a leak in your pool.

The video below will demonstrate how to create the bucket tester:

If all else fails and the water leak cannot be detected by yourself, then it might be a good idea to call a professional leak detector or a pool designer. They will be able to detect the leak exactly and then provide the necessary skills to fix the leak.

Cracks can be the cause for Pools Leaking
Hiring inexperienced pool builders can result in cracks and the pool leaking.

A leak in a swimming pool can be a major problem; action needs to be taken if you suspect your pool is leaking. Leaking pipes can also be a common and if neglected it can become a big problem.

Ways to Detect Leaks in Pipes

Detecting leaks in pipes is very easy and a simple process. Create a solution of liquid dish soap with warm water. Put the liquid into a spray bottle and spray the joints or suspected leaking points of the pipe. If you see bubbles coming from the sprayed places, then the pipes are leaking. If the pipes are transporting gas then they should be repair immediately. Also have pipes repaired by a professional plumber if you are not fully equipped.

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