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Adjusting Pool Water pH Levels 

The pH level of your pool water is actually the acidity or the alkaline level of the pool water. The pH scale works from 0 to 14. Zero will represent extreme acidity and fourteen would represent extreme alkaline. A pH level of 7 represents neutral.

The recommended pH level for pools is between 7.2 – 7.6 for marble pools and between 6.8 to7.2 for fiberglass pools.

Having a too high or a too low pH leve will be felt by the swimmer as their eyes will burn.

In general, the pH level of pool water tends to rise if not treated. 

The video below will show how a water test is done:

When adding an acid you need to take extreme care as the acid will cause serious burns if spilt on your skin. Before adding the acid make sure there are no swimmers in the water and that the pump is running which will help circulate the acid all around the pool.

Get a bucket to mix the acid in, but remember the golden rule:

Now fill the bucket to 3/4 fill with water from the pool. Slowly pour the acid into the bucket and do not spill any acid, then pour the buckets contents into the pool while walking around to spread the area. You should use this process even if you are adding large amounts of acid, do it in stages at one hour intervals. Do not add too much acid at once or you might damage the pipes and the walls of the pool. Test the water and try get a pH level of around 7.0 to 7.6 the ideal level is 7.2. A low pH level requires an alkali such as soda ash to raise the pH level.
High pH levels can be reduced with the help of an acid.

Pool pH Test Kit
Pool pH test kits should be available from your local pool shop.

Having a reasonable pH level in your pool is essential and pH level testing should be part of your swimming pool maintenance routine.

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